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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Staying Focused

My Kitchen Window

I am having a hard time staying focused lately.  Actually, I have always had a hard time staying focused.  Too much going on and not enough time to do it all, nor the energy to do it all.  I have been busy lately with the usual; my part-time job at my church, working on my sewing orders, keeping house (hardly!), cooking (I could spend all day in the kitchen), taking care of the kids and doing homework for a writing course that I just finished. 

Now that I am done with my writing course, I have to decide where I am going to focus my career goals.  Sewing?  Writing?  Find another job outside the home? What is my heart telling me?

Truthfully, I want to write more and start submitting articles to different publications. I want to continue taking writing classes also.   I want put my sewing business out to pasture and focus on writing.  The problem is, sewing is bringing immediate income into the home and it could be a long time before I publish anything for income.  (Please note, I would still make liluga’s and other fun sewing projects, just not sewing as a business.)

My challenge to myself is to commit to writing one article a week and to submit it to a publication.  If I stay faithful to this, I believe I will be rewarded.  However, I will still have to sew to bring in the extra income.  How will I do this?  Lots of coffee and less sleep. 

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  1. What a lovely idea and your site is great. I enjoyed reading your posts. I think your lilugas are adorable and made me smile just looking at them. I have begun doing something I call my community tithe. I try to watch for organizations or persons needing some financial assistance for good works and send a little something whenever I'm able. Sometimes its not much but I try. It makes me feel good to be able to give back. Bless you for your good works to others!