liluga - love isn't love until given away

"Loving God means doing what he tells us to do, and really, that isn't hard at all." 1 John 5:3 NLT

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Meet Ruby, a liluga key chain whose name means “red gemstone”.    I struggled a little with finding a name for her.   I thought about the verse in the Bible about a wife being more precious than rubies, and then it then hit me, she looks like a Ruby.

Ruby is made from a wool sweater that a friend of mine gave to my daughter.  When she received it, my thought was “that would make a great liluga!”  Several months, and a few washings later, my daughter gave it to me and said it was too tight for her. I told her I was sorry that it didn’t fit her anymore (NOT). 

Sometimes the opposite is true.  I have a friend who has given me several old sweaters to use to make liluga’s, plus I shop garage sales and resale shops for them.  Although my intent is to sew with them, I have pulled a few aside and put them in my closet to wear.  Can you blame me?  The winters are very cold here.

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.  Proverbs 31:10 KJV

What does it mean to have virtue?  The Webster’s New World dictionary defines virtue as “general moral excellence; right action and thinking; goodness or morality.” 

I pray that Ruby will always be a gentle reminder to her future owner to live a virtuous life. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And the winner is......

A couple weeks ago I announced, on the Mary Jane’s Farmgirl Connection forum, that I was giving away a liligu to anyone who visited my blog. Thank you so much to everyone for visiting and for all of your kind and encouraging words.  It means a lot to me!   For the give-a-way, I received a total of 14 visitors who left comments .

My son happily volunteered to pick the name for me.

And the winner is………..


I am sending her Lacey, whose name means “joyful, filled with praise”.
“Shout to the Lord, all the earth;
Break out in praise and sing for joy!”
Psalm 98:4

I hope you all will come back and visit my blog to see what is happening in the wonderful world of liluga’s!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Cats

Please welcome Faye and Fiona, the first of my fall liluga’s.

Since I am done having babies and since there are no new pets in my future, I am having fun naming my liluga’s.  I love looking up the meaning of a name and matching it to a liluga.  It’s important that the name fits the liluga I’m making.  When I was making the above cats, first the name Fiona came to mind.  Then Fritz (another boys name!) came to me.  Finally, I decided on Faye for the other cat.  Fiona’s name means “fair ” and Faye’s name means “faith”.  Two good virtues to live by, fairness and faithfulness.

It reminds me of how in the old testament, people chose baby names that had a meaning relating to the situation surrounding them.  For instance, when Jacob’s wives and their servants were having his children, each child’s name represented the situation their mother was going through.

But because Leah was unloved, the Lord let her have a child, while Rachel was still childless.  So Leah became pregnant and had a son.  She named him Reuben*, for she said, “The Lord has noticed my misery, and now my husband will love me.”  Genesis 29:31 NLT  (*Reuben means “look, a son”)

Keep reading the rest of chapter 29 and 30 to see not only the meanings of the names given to each of Jacob’s sons, but to see how dysfunctional Jacob’s family really was.  Makes me feel a little better when I look at my family!