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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Coffee Club Birds


Introducing.... Chai, Mocha, Cortado and Latte

The idea for the coffee club birds has been brewing for a while.  The group has been assembled and I am proud to introduce them to you.

Meet Mocha

Mocha is the leader of the pack and is the first one to land at the coffee shop every Friday morning for their club meeting. Mocha likes arriving a half hour early so he can sip his coffee in solitude before the others show up.  Mocha started the coffee club because he believes birds of a feather should flock together.

Meet Latte

Latte is the most faithful member of the coffee club and has never missed a meeting.  Latte and his wife are empty nesters and Latte really enjoys hanging out at the coffee shop where it's noisy because it reminds him of when his nest was full.

Meet Chai

Chai has a confession to make, he doesn't like coffee. However, he loves drinking tea.  Mocha was a little hesitant to let Chai into the club, but Chai assured him he could sip a chai tea latte from a mug and no one would know the difference.  Chai is a little flighty, especially if he thinks a chai tea latte can pass for a coffee latte. Thankfully, Mocha really likes Chai and let him join.

Meet Cortado

The final member of the group is Cortado.  He is the only Latino member of the group. His accent is a bit hard to understand, but since the love of coffee is universal, he fits right in.  Cortado enjoys salsa and dancing the tango. He tweets in Spanish.