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Friday, February 4, 2011

Going Cat Crazy

I have been experimenting with sewing cats.  These two are a little fall/harvest looking.  I'll have to come up with some fun spring colors. (That's optimistically thinking that spring is just around the corner!)

We survived the blizzard!  It really wasn't so bad.  We measured about 16" of snow on our driveway.  The kids got two snow days out of it.  They wanted to stay home today, too.  Their thinking was, "what's the point of going back for one more day, then being off again for the weekend?"  My husband was a real trooper and worked hard to get the driveway and walkways clean.

Caleb in his fort

Our long driveway


I am at the library right now.  Currently, I do not have a computer at home that can handle the internet and we do not have internet service.  So, I come to the library to use their computers.  It works out pretty well.  However, my brother has hopefully found me a used laptop.   Then it will be "the travelling laptop".  I am looking forward to hanging out at the coffee shop and working on the computer.  Perhaps next time I write, it will be from my new laptop! 

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