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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

liluga #20

We are having a beautiful week of warmer weather.  The giant icicles have all melted and the snow is slowly receding.  I have been busy sewing and made my first bunny-eared liluga.  Perfect for spring!

A little bit about my liluga's - each one is hand sewn with love and lots of detail. Each liluga is an original and is sewn with recycled (laundered and clean), natural-fiber fabrics. I try to use mostly cottons, linens and wools.  Their hearts are hand-stitched on, and each one has an embroidered, signature "L" on their behind.  I stuff them with bamboo fiber fill, which is eco-friendly and non-allergenic (just in case you want to hug your liluga!).

As I give away the liluga's to people I know, I have gotten such positive feedback from each person.  Little things can really make a difference!

Thank you for looking at my blog and have a blessed day!




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